rfb: Marrying MSBuild and PowerShell

It took me longer than expected to support this script, but it’s available in the current source now:

Project "Default"
Target "Default"
@files <= smallPNGs -Capture:FullName, Extension
Message "%(files.Identity) and extension %(files.Extension)"
PS:smallPNGs <<END
echo "Returning small pngs"
cd C:\users\xyz\Documents
Get-ChildItem -Recurse |
Where-Object { $_.Extension -eq ".png" -and $_.Length -lt 7000 } |
select FullName, Extension

The syntax used is described in more detail in the new syntax section on the rfb source site wiki.

What happens is that this is the first of a couple of use cases surrounding a seamless integration of PowerShell with MSBuild. So far, you can define PowerShell.scripts, use them to fill item groups, and use those item groups in MSBuild tasks. When the integration is feature complete you will be able toThe integration allows you to