Mr Evolute

Can you remember that sad time when some people suddenly thought that it’s desperately necessary that God made Earth in a couple of thousand years?

You mean that intelligent creator business?


Well, do you remember how that weird group, how did they call themselves…

The creationists

Yeah, those.

That was pretty amazing. Did they actually manage the reality hack they intended to do?

You don’t kow? Rumour has it that they failed miserably. There was no indication that they actually created the species on Earth.

Quite. Considering that it’s an ongoing, constant creation, they would still have to be around…

Well, unless they created a self-sustained reality hack.

You mean, they could have implemented evolution?

Hmm…interesting. However, that would probably prove that the Evoluzzers did not implement Evolution. Evolution is far more intelligent than any human being.

An Intelligent creator after all?

Not at all, my dear hesitant friend. The question is, what is intelligence anyway?

Let me check on the wicked pedia. Right. There is a ton of definitions, really.

Here ends this dialogue…who knows what happened? The argument was finalized in a “normal” post sometime later.