MemBus 3.0

MemBus finally got the maintenance it deserves. What’s new?

Portable Class Library

The latest incarnation of MemBus requires .NET 4.5 to run. It targets a Pcl profile for standard Windows and Windows Store profile. Expect the WP8 to also be targetted in a future minor release. The only thing stopping me for now is the missing ConcurrentDictionary - I will need a replacement for that. There are some promising leads, but I need a proper testbed to see what performance impact a switch in that area of the code has.

To people sticking to previous versions of the .NET framework I am afraid that things will just stay as they were pre-V3.

New publishing features.

The IPublisher interface now provides additional publishing capabilities via


All possibilities to configure method registration has been merged into a single “RegisterMethods” call. This is because the signature of the method sufficiently defines what you want to happen. Allowed are the following method signatures…

I hope you’ll enjoy the new capabilities. Next on the roadmap is, as mentioned, the WP8 profile and then some investigations how well MemBus plays together with ReactiveUI