Tiddlywiki - Your wiki on a toothpick

Tiddlywiki is a wiki that is contained within a single html page. It makes judicious use of Javascript and has superior command of the html DOM to provide editing capabilities that should make 90% of Wiki software out there bloody envious.

It surely isn’t the best idea to try and recreate Wikipedia with Tiddlywiki, but for concise documentation on specific issues it looks like a tool that I don’t want to miss anymore.

A bit special is the fact that the HTML obviously needs to be saved in order to keep your changes (The modified DOM tree of the document needs to be persisted). ON XP SP2 the OS uses certain NTFS features to remember that Html files came from the Internet. Hence, downloaded docs run in the restricted Internet zone -> saving feature does not work. This, however, can be turned off in the file’s properties.

Secondly, when having the file on a file sharem saving doesn’t work either. What you have to do is

And off you are. Check out the tiddle, I think it’s lovely