Patching in Drupal

This is the second update to drupal that I go through…that many security issues..?..oh my…anyway, had to figure out how to patch on me olde Windows machine, here are my findings:

  1. Get the patch exe from e.g. here

  2. make sure you have it accessible from within your command line (%PATH%, anyone?)

  3. Get the issued patches from the drupal site

  4. Change the files from the **UNIX **format to the **DOS **format (you know, the old carriage return linefeed stuff), otherwise patch.exe will fail miserably. For me, metapad does this job just fine.

  5. Copy the patch you want to apply to the root dir of drupal

  6. Open the command line and issue the following command: patch -p 0 <thepatch.patch with thepatch.path being the patch filename

  7. Once you have done this, you can do a search throughout your drupal dir, get the latest changes and FTP those to your sitethis helped me and I hope it may help others.