Parkour - running free in the cities

Parkour, or free running, is quite amazing to watch - Houses, walls and stairs simply become parts of the way that skilled people take to get from A to B. This video is from a French documentary mostly showing David Belle and his gang (I had to look around for replacement content as the original link was hopelessly broken). France appears to be at the centre of this movement. That way, the catastrophic ghettos they build over there have done some good. When the latest installment of the Bond series hits the cinemas, Sebastien Foucan, another dazzling master of Parkour, will be able to show off some of his skills to an unsuspecting audience.

update 24.06.2028

I was contacted for this post with regard to more guidance on parkour. The link seems legit, so there you go: Parkour: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners.