How much energy does a swarmship need? The Ii's energy source

The following chapters are copied from a 16-page essay I wrote based on the Saitron technology. It is sad to say that I cannot pinpoint exactly when I wrote it. The ‘created’ date on my home disk shows October 2004, but having lost a hard disk around then, and having the feeling that I had written this before my wife came to Germany, I feel that the text is maybe half to one year older than that date.

Would it not be wonderful to have access to matter of any kind of type ? That is, easy and readily available access not only to electrons and photons, but also gluons, gravitons, W- and Z-Bosons, in fact, what-have-you? Well, a radical way of separating actual type from its spatial representation, its ‘fingerprint’ in the 4Band continuum, a kind of untyped matter, would come in very handy.

That stuff would indeed be a lovely way to contain energy. We do not have to fear that it interferes with our electromagnetic system, and filling a tank with untyped matter does not increase its mass. Of course, the common human thinks that this kind of matter is utterly elusive. Besides, what would anyone want to do with that kind of matter? In order to harvest electromagnetic power, I need charged particles. In order to store kinetic energy I need mass. Additionally, a tank can contain a fluid, because of the electromagnetic force, the weird, fast and wonderful interaction of electrons. The same goes for the storage of electric power via placing electrons into an atomic structure such that well defined and controlled points of energy transferral emerge. Again, our containment may be highly efficient through superconductivity but it is still based on electromagnetism and would not help us to contain untyped matter.

Attempting to store energy via the strong nuclear force for later retrieval is a very good technology on its own. There is plenty of hydrogen available in the 4Band continuum which can be fused into Helium in order to gather some of the energy that God has given us as a present. Yet again, untyped matter is totally inept to having any kind of interaction with Gluons. Apart from that, for the Ii the amount of energy that can be gathered via nuclear fusion would be far too little and far too restricted to be able to support their technological systems.

So, how can the Ii possibly have access to untyped matter? And, maybe an even more crucial question, what is the use of this matter?

In order to find an answer to this question, we have to introduce something that lies even deeper in the technology chain of the Ii.