I'm an outlier

I’m an outlier -

Because I love diversity while the normal reaction to different people seems to be to hate them, to deny them, to make their lifes miserable. I love a punk for being different, I love a trans person for being different. Different cultures, different habits. Evolution shows that diversity wins. How hard can this be?

I’m an outlier

Because I would never elect populists that promise things that have become unattainable. Because I have a memory that goes further into the past than roughly 6 months. Because I’d elect a young person over an old one anytime. Because I know that the things we possess can become irrelevant in no time, when the circumstances change.

I’m an outlier

Because I understand the gravity of the situation. I know about tipping points. Because I switched my opinion about cars completely. Because how I get to my job in terms of my carbon footprint is relevant to me. Because I’m sure that however bad the future may be getting climate-wise, that we’ll probably survive, because we are an inventive bunch and because we usually are better when we have less.

I’m an outlier

Because I hear what scientists say. I understand that if an aerosol droplet has a size of about a 1000 nanometers, it will be stopped by something that has holes 300 nanometers in size. I undersand that ice at a height of 1 kilometer melts faster than ice at a height of 3 kilometers.

Sometimes it is tiring to be an outlier. You can’t talk to many people. They love their habits so much, I’ll just go silent and wish goodbye.