Getting Yesod to run on OSX

Just so you know if you want to read on or not: Yesod is a web application framework written in Haskell, which obviously expects you to write stuff in Haskell.

Okay, um, there isn't much to say as the whole thing went pretty painless.

  • Take some Haskell that runs on OSX. I chose Haskell for OSX. Follow the instructions until you can pop up a terminal and type ghci and are able to have some fun with haskell.
  • Find the quickstart guide for yesod. It recommends to set up stackage for your system, which apparently is a safer version of hackage, the place where haskell packages live. Safe here means less likelihood of versioning issues i your package dependency chains.

And frankly, you can pretty much follow the quickstart guide word by word, there has been no apparent difference to setting this up on a Linux box.

While I was at it, I decided to install SublimeHaskell - For an optimal feature set it wants you to install a couple of Haskell packages. Take note that for some reason it couldn't find ghc-mod in the path even though I was able to call it from a terminal. However, there is a sublime package setting where you can provide additional paths to be considered...

  "add_to_PATH": ["/Users/flq/.cabal/bin"]

Some of the steps surrounding cabal take quite some time, time will tell if this gets better considering that everything is now downloaded and built.

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