What I'd have wished Windows 8 to be

There has been so much rant on Windows 8 that you could think that it is enough already. Then again, the same argument can be used to say that given so much rant, some more doesn't even count, so here we go.

Windows 8

  • Forget about ARM - just menacing Intel to consider using ARM should have been enough to push Intel towards more economical processors
  • Do exactly as done with regard to battery life management, pruning unnecessary cycles etc. making the desktop windows very snappy.
  • Introduce HTML + CSS + JavaScript as a UI platform - for Desktop, bog-standard Windows
  • Stick to a goddarned UI Framework already!
  • Allow an app model where apps can have 2 profiles - a Desktop profile and a Touch profile -- CSS media types?

Windows 8.1

  • Allow an alternate view on your apps when in touch mode - only those apps that have a touch profile are shown on the touch menu
  • Introduce the app store - which sells and distributes apps without distinguishing between desktop and touch.


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