Getting FubuMVC from github and building it from the command line

Documentation on new and upcoming projects is sometimes a bit sparse, here a first contribution to FubuMVC: The bare beginnings.

  • Get some git environment running. This is a good introduction
  • you can start a git folder with git init and then e.g. get a readonly version of fubumvc with “git clone git://”. Note that git will create a fubumvc folder.
  • Get ruby from
    • It should be irrelevant which version you use (1.8.x or 1.9.x).
  • Once installed, ensure you have the necessary dependencies:
    • from your fubumvc folder, run InstallGems.bat.
    • When all the gems have been installed successfully, you can run “rake” for the project

If you have ruby 1.9.x you should ensure that rubyzip 0.9.4 is installed.


If you are e.g. logged in with a domain user at home it can be that your HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH environment vars point to a non-existing path. Even though ruby installs nothing there by default, it bombs out nonetheless if the home drive cannot be reached. Bail-out here is to define a HOME variable and let it point to e.g. %USERPROFILE%

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