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Apart from the useless stutter of politicians and their gross misconduct in terms of spending habits there's a subject that was overly annoying lately...the debate about so-called killer games. A more pathetic attempt to find a scapegoat for serious issues in the educational system and our current cultural and social structure hasn't been seen since the brouhaha regarding old Rock albums that were supposed to have a terrible influence on the youth. Judas Priest, anyone?

So clearly I seem to live in the wrong country because I just read a small article about a Festival in Sweden called dreamhack, apparently the largest gathering for the sole purpose of having a lot of fun with Computers...kind of a LAN party on steroids.

I learned that in Sweden there is no such pathetic debate about games. In fact, they seem to have recognized what they _can _do: Encourage team play and improve reaction times.

I'd fully concur in this point. Personally, I accredit 14 years of driving without accident partly to my long lasting love for nasty FPSs...

(A parte de eso, que la virgen del camino siempre me proteja)

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