Cellular life

April 12, 2007 in

You wouldn't think that's it's just about DNA, now, would you?

Here is an amazing animation from Harvard University showing some of the processes involved in having a white blood cell move and react to a source of inflammation.


There is a lot of talk that may leave you stumped so here just a few pointers:

  • Cytosol - Internal fluid of the cell
  • Lipids - Check out the link, to be honest I am not quite sure but it seems like lipids play the role of structuring
  • Proteins - so essential I can't really think of any single phrase on those.
  • Ribosomes - aid in building e.g. proteins
  • Endoplasmatic Reticulum performs protein and lipid synthesis and transportation.
  • Golgi Apparatus modifies, sorts, and packages macromolecules created in the cell e.g. for secretion to the outside.
  • Mitochondrion the cell's energy plants
  • Vesicles - Compartments made of lipid layer(s) that allow to transport stuff (like waste etc.) around the cell
  • Centrosome - functions within the internal structure and movement of a cell and seems to be involved in cell division

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