Have researchers found a new state of matter?

Have researchers found a new state of matter?

This is a link to a text that will be printed in the newscientist issue of 17 MARCH 2007. It is quite interesting as it arcs all the way back to findings about the Quantum Hall effect, where an experiment can be configured such that it is possible to measure electric charges as fractions of the (otherwise thought to be indivisible) charge of an electron.

It is an interesting read, and in a certain way it is faintly related to a text I am currently reproducing on my site. It is about the energy source that that my Sci-Fi companion race, the Ii, use on their swarm ships. The copying is currently half-way, but kicks off here. There I introduce a new kind of matter that is even more detached from typical material properties. All this is based on a solid understanding of Spacetime as something that is much like matter.

Is the Ether coming back? I say, yes, although it won't look like anything that Michelson and Morley tried to find. I'd love to discuss this, but there is a distinct lack of sparring partners in my life on this issue!

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