Are no news news?

It is pretty much a month ago since I last wrote something here. There have been holidays, a cold, much work and interesting settings. However, nothing that changes much right now. Such is life...sometimes you hang around, wait, sometimes it moves on quickly. Well, I wouldn't be the first one that writes about nothing!

Either way, has anything impressed me lately? Not really, I am afraid. Most of news have nothing in there to impress me...the media apparently has figured out that fear sells best, and now even Operas succumb to it. Sad, really. I wouldn't have minded if they'd argue that decapitating religious leaders (including Buddha, who isn't a religious leader, and also Mohammed and Jesus certainly were far more faceted than the guys described in the respective books, since those have been tools to empower a few to take control over many over numerous years - and then Poseidon? I mean, c'mon, he is actually the odd one out in the list!) is just plain stupid, bears no sensible message and is simply to shock and offend numerous people who try to live a decent live, trying to respect other people and not killing anybody or beating others to a pulp. Anyway...

Recently I came across a paper in arxiv that I could understand to a certain degree and that was quite interesting: Quantum mechanics: Myths and facts. Certain conceptions about QM that we take for granted in fact do not necessarily have to be so. The problem remains that QM is not understood at a conceptual level and that it's understanding of space and time remains hugely different to the concepts of general relativity. How is reality really build up? And if somebody is going to say that this is a question for philosophy, then please go reading elsewhere. I want this question answered, if only to find that reality IS inherently based on our OWN conceptions.

Looking through my it looks that I stored a decent link on ruby lately: ruby metaprogramming techniques. From a quick glance it looks like a nice summary on how to tackle challenges in ruby the metaprogramming way.

Right, heavy day tomorrow, less go.

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