Log Entry 2711.07.15

Apologies for keeping such an irregular log...apologies to whom? Quality inspectors from...which legislation would that be? Terra? Frogbarf? Kemost-scher? So forget about that.

The last 2 days were uneventful...uneventful if you get used to the constant fear of loosing the ship in a Meta-Session. Although one has to say that Comp somehow manages to keep us on track. Whatever the voices of Metala sing, the whole thing works. At first it was scary to be utterly dependant on a Computing system that has obviously undergone a complete change of state and appears more like a nutcase than a complex machine in charge of moving the ship through the Meta. On the other hand, I will never ever be able to follow what Comp calculates and how it's actually done. Also, I have always been dependant on that bit of computing magic that is Comp. In that respect, nothing really changed.

And, yes, I've got other things to do than worrying about the lack of sync of the pathway tracker. Lareto gave a kind of all-clear on that one, anyway. The sync does now oscillate in itself, but this kind of oscillation has a weird feedback on the actual fluctuation compensators, which in turn do their job with greater efficiency. In other words, we have lost re-entry accuracy and have gained Meta-Session stability. Which is kinda cool, since we can use weaker gravitational links for Meta-Session, which will allow the Limelight to take a few shortcuts compared to before.

You get used to anything...today I'll need to check up on some of our cargo with Piet. Not the nicest cargo, really. 2000 dead people, in lovely coffins, deep frozen, destination Derram Four. Don't know why this planet has become an obsession for wealthy people to get buried there. It all started off with an old Kemost-scher legend that the ones that were buried on Derram IV would be able to wash their souls clean of all the sin crap they have loaded on before. The few Kemosts living on the planet made a big brouhaha of this, wealthy people came and enjoyed the actually quite beatiful planet and all fell into place. Well, I almost don't care, because the profit is good on transporting a couple of dead people a few hundred light-years. They hardly take three containers but give money like twenty with the usual stuff.

Less joyful is the information that was transmitted by my cargo dealer with the last Internet link available. Alongside the usual stuff (a full update on Terra's Intranet, I still love the crap people write down there) there was a message from Gregrius saying that there is a chance that some criminal from Terra has smuggled himself into one of the coffins going from Terra to Derram IV. My ship may contain just that coffin. First thing I did was to seal the cargo compartment in question. Sadly, I am carrying the coffins for a good three days now. This geezer may be anywhere on the ship. I'll meet with Piet to discuss what we should do. More afterwards...

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