Log Entry 2711.07.12

It had already been enough yesterday. But then you do not go into space without expecting a constant delivery of catastrophes.

I am listening to Comp whose dialect seems to get worse by the hour. From what Fritiu Limgu, my 'Computer Specialist' understood, severe problems are coming up in the energy fluctuation compensators for the Metadrive. His full report, held as yesterday's dialogue between him and Comp is attached to this log entry.

At the end of the day it means that the tolerance to hit the right space-time coordinates has increased to plus or minus 4 light-months from the targetted coordinate. This value is probably worse than the one from the 'Flying sausage'. But then they've made a cult of appearing unexpectedly at the most unlikely places of this Galaxy.

Either way, it promises to make this flight another remarkable effort of Retro Mandrel and his valiant crew, especially as the payment for rightful delivery of my cargo is heavily dependant on punctuality. For the umpteenth time I speak those words: Never get a ship build by Frognas. It does make already hard work impossible. Even this logbook I am speaking to is build by Frognas. Come on, take your revenge now! (Frogbook#not understood), delete the last sentence...

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