The irregular physics fix

Variable physical laws

The debate whether some of the magnitudes we tend to consider as being constant are in fact changing over time is certainly not new. I for my part would think that with change being a predominant feature of our reality, if only to figure out where exactly we should place ourselves in that relational blockworld of ours, something like a constant is not what you'd expect it to be. Either way, just alone for the last statement of that blog entry it is worthwhile linking, as it states that ...

Therefore, we should welcome all new knowledge even if it does not agree with our present conception of the world

If you were wondering what relational blockworld is, here some links that may help you:

And while this here sounds quite different to RBW, I have the suspicion that there are similarities as both accounts see more in empty space than physics has done so far: Quantum AetherDynamics Institute

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