Quantum computer solves problem, and it does run

The title of this story is : “Quantum computer solves problem, without running”

Quoting from physorg, one of the involved scientists said that “By placing our photon in a quantum superposition of running and not running the search algorithm, we obtained information about the answer even when the photon did not run the search algorithm”.

When the photon is in a state of running and not running something, its state clearly does run the algorithm, albeit not in the usual confined spaces we know, but the quantum space where mixtures of possible reality states are possible. I would think that even a measurement done that suggests that a photon never was in a state to compute the algorithm, its state before the measurement included those that would help solving the algorithm.

Maybe I am wrong, but one thing appears not so mysterious to me: When classical headlines hit quantum mechanics, reality becomes shattered.

Update: newScientist tops this headline with “Quantum computer works best switched off”. Scene applause!

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