Quantum computer solves problem, and it does run

23 Feb 2006 The title of this story is : “Quantum computer solves problem, without running” Quoting from physorg, one of the involved scientists said that “By placing our photon in a quantum superposition of running and not running the search algorithm, we obtained information about the answer even when the photon did...

A fine example of progress

23 Jan 2006 The C64 was the first computer I possessed. Now it can run without any troubles within a Java Applet container: Go here to check it out. It has a ton of games available, but I am missing some I played as well as the pure BASIC interface…:)

Newscientist article

16 Jan 2006 Over here there is one of those typical NewSci Articles that I just love: “Take a leap into hyperspace”. I belong to those guys who firmly believes that he will see the beginning of identifying technology for interstellar travel (if only when we figure out how to make our bodies...

On Afshar’s double-slit experiment

16 Dec 2005 Last year a big story was placed in the Newscientist stating that things thought about the impossiblity of looking at both sides of the wave/particle duality coin were untrue and that a special way of performing the double-slit experiment would allow to consider both aspects of a subatomic particle. This...

resign patterns

08 Oct 2005 This perfect collection of development wrong-doings should be a must-read for anybody who is just thinking about programming: Resign Patterns