Hesitan & Miracles

25 May 2006 A dialogue may, at its best, shed light upon a subject from at least two spots - at worst it could be the senseless mumble of two dim-witted dodderers. The fine Greek tradition of dialectics has shown nonetheless that 2-way communication can progress a chain of thought rather efficiently. Hesitan...

Germany’s prepared for English Football Fans

19 Apr 2006 On my way from Dinslaken back to Freiburg I got to see one of the buses whose single purpose I can only imagine is the safe transport of the English fan block. We spared neither people nor material to get a photograph of this amazingly labelled vehicle. Very funny indeed!...

Parkour - running free in the cities

25 Mar 2006 </embed> Parkour, or free running, is quite amazing to watch - Houses, walls and stairs simply become parts of the way that skilled people take to get from A to B. This video is from a French documentary mostly showing David Belle and his gang. France appears to be at...

F1 race track locations & Outlook file F1 racing events

24 Mar 2006 For the F1 buffs out there here come some features as downloadable bits.. The .hol file can be imported into Outlook, while the kml file is understood by Google Earth.

Really hot plasma

23 Mar 2006 Sandia’s Z machine exceeds two billion degrees Kelvin : I would like to know how you actually measure such a temperature, but I love the idea that some extra kinetic turbulence gets the stuff verrry hot. As they say, fun is not a straight line.