Resonance is but fundamental

02 Jun 2006 Two small videos that show off resonance. One uses a magnetic fluid in a rotating and alternating magnetic field, the other one uses supposedly rice on a plate whose vibration is induced acoustically. </param></embed> </param></embed>

About me

30 May 2006 ![me](/public/assets/flq.jpg "me") ## Badges [![Stack Overflow profile for flq]( "Stack Overflow profile for flq")]( This site is so far the work of one man, me, Frank or flq. I do not want to loose too many words at this point. If you want to know more about me, the domain...

The realfiction manifesto

28 May 2006 From fiction to reality Why would I ask visiting readers to question the borders between fiction and reality? As obvious as it appears to me that such limiting categorifications should be abolished in favour of more flexible terminology, as daunting it may appear to others. After all, living in an...

A warm welcome!

27 May 2006 Welcome, visitor, have you been here before? Does it matter? Everybody should feel welcome, everywhere. That is, of course, a gross oversimplification…but with all the daily news that you have to put up with, I would like you to pause, breathe calmly and, well, feel welcome.

Showing off Oblivion physics engine

26 May 2006 Too much time on your hands? Well, why not do your own Domino days in some virtual reality? </param></embed>