A warm welcome!

27 May 2006 Welcome, visitor, have you been here before? Does it matter? Everybody should feel welcome, everywhere. That is, of course, a gross oversimplification…but with all the daily news that you have to put up with, I would like you to pause, breathe calmly and, well, feel welcome.

Showing off Oblivion physics engine

26 May 2006 Too much time on your hands? Well, why not do your own Domino days in some virtual reality? </param></embed>

Oh Brother, What's Art though?

25 May 2006 You know what I saw the other night in a Holoreport? No Idea, 'tan. Sometimes I wonder if I want to know. It was about people who make ice sculptures. You know, they take a chainsaw, laser cutter, or even hydrogen focus compressors, and they cut, burn or hammer into...

It takes one to know one

25 May 2006 Have you ever thought on which energy level you are? Hmmm, sure. When I am with my girl I am definitely on a higher energy level compared to when I start churning quintadimensional equations with my Gigamac Monday morning. Well, I mean on a more philosophical level, more like the...

The Ant and the Green Eyed Bug

25 May 2006 Well, I just don't get why the hell it should be possible to bend time. OK, yeah voluntary reduction of the perceived information content of reality and therefore reaching new extremes in freestyle mathematics…so you can create anything as long as you've got enough Computerpower or enough stamina to roast...