SAITRON in visuals

07 Jun 2006 Oh, yes! Finally, some visual information about the most sophisticated KAZOON class activity-centric ship of the swarm surrounding the SIX-FOLDED STAR OF YHLASUU. KAZOON simply meaning that the ship has a length of half a ship’s length - If that does not make sense to you it is because you...


07 Jun 2006 Generation 1 of the SAITRON

The Technology behind the SAITRON

07 Jun 2006 Greetings to this book which will guide you through important bits of the technology that enables the spaceship SAITRON to be a dangerous opponent, a fast traveller and a protector against the perils of intergalactic doing. The SAITRON is a ship that was jointly thought through by me and Andre...

Patching in Drupal

06 Jun 2006 This is the second update to drupal that I go through…that many security issues..?..oh my…anyway, had to figure out how to patch on me olde Windows machine, here are my findings: Get the patch exe from e.g. here make sure you have it accessible from within your command line (%PATH%,...

When your fictional creations take over

05 Jun 2006 A great flash movie showing in a creative fashion the kind of struggle I feel subjected to whenever I fired up Macromedia's Adobe's Flash director