Free Hugs Campaign

02 Oct 2006 It sounds somewhat cheesy, but after all the disgusting news on Teenies filming with their mobiles how they beat up other Teenies, a guy that starts off a campaign to hug people is refreshing - You know, shadows require light.

Are no news news?

27 Sep 2006 It is pretty much a month ago since I last wrote something here. There have been holidays, a cold, much work and interesting settings. However, nothing that changes much right now. Such is life…sometimes you hang around, wait, sometimes it moves on quickly. Well, I wouldn't be the first one...

Delegates available to you in .NET 2.0

25 Aug 2006 With the introduction of anonymous methods, using delegates has become a lot more straightforward. Even so, delegate definitions are still required to which an anonymous method can map. Thankfully there are a few delegates already defined in the framework so that you can reuse them in your own methods, saving...

Easy to be forgotten in the history of science

04 Aug 2006 Emilie du Châtelet - the scientist whom history forgot - A woman that in her emancipation was well beyond her time and whose intelligence must have scared most of them away. Apparently she was fairly important to physics, yet it's a name you do not come across very often.

Log Entry 2711.07.16

24 Jul 2006 Bonkers. Crap. Shite. We have spent the last 12 hours fishing containers escaping from the Limelight's portside. Don't ask. Right, you can't, you're just a diary. I am supposed to tell you. Compartment  10 was vacuum'd, after which I opened the lock, just to be on the safe side. Unfortunately...