I was willing to have a play with [fixie](https://github.com/plioi/fixie), a new test runner, but was unimpressed by the situation of how to get fixie tests run in resharper. Yesterday, I tried the in
In the previous post introducing MemBus v3 I mentioned that I removed a project in the solution that contained code to help setting up the creation of periodic messages - once I probed the Rx-codebase

MemBus 3.0


MemBus finally got the maintenance it deserves. What's new? ## Portable Class Library The latest incarnation of MemBus requires .NET 4.5 to run. It targets a Pcl profile for standard Windows an
## C#6 It looks like C# designers are beginning to fire their engines with regard to what language features would bring benefit to programmers. Apparently there was a [presentation on NDCLondon][1],