From Jekyll to Gatsby

Without much fanfare my gatsbyjs-based website is now live. It is also a static website generator, however, it's based on javascript and react. Since I'm a lot closer to that tech than to ruby (the underlying tech of jekyll) and I want it easy, this seemed like a nice choice. The regeneration speed while working on the site is blazing fast, so that's a bonus already. The documentation is also quite decent, and plugins to take over markdown content are available.

The switch has caused a little bit of turmoil, but since I have a very small audience, I (and the poor folks who stumble across this place) have to put up with it.

Deploy protocol

  • some URLs have changed, so my 404 page shows the links to the content that according to google analytics is the most visited one.
  • The plugin to show embedded gists messed with my pages, so right now only links to gists.
  • Some files generated by gatsby's build step are too long for git on Windows. This SO answer helps.
Creative Commons License

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