eleven year old svg engine, reposted

24 Jun 2017 in programming | web |

Roughly eleven or twelve years ago, when I was young and seemed to have plenty of time for everything, I played with svg. Back then, you needed a browser plugin to get it to run. I also thought that Flash was eating svg and svg, even though cool, would not survive.

Fast-forward eleven or twelve years: while preparing for some MS-certification I wanted to refresh my svg knowledge. Scalable Vector Graphics are now part of any modern browser. I took the old code and pretty much pasted it in here. I only changed the access of svg elements from the global plugin object to document and extracted the javascript to be a normal part of the document. Everything else remains the same.

These days I wouldn't write the animation code as it is (strong coupling of engine logic and state with UI), but it is very charming and comforting that svg is alive and kicking and that 10++-year old code continues to work as intended.


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