Thawmadoce screenshots

09 Jan 2012 in software-development | own-software |

Well, here goes a couple of Screenshots from Thawmadoce, that project that helps me to post my blog posts. Gosh, it is still quite Alpha, (there is no support for entering images, e.g. :) if you think about it, but anyway.

Your start page,

…unless you have been writing without saving yet.
New file

The app Menu

…opens upon click or via shortcuts. Shortcuts are always shown in the tooltip, that way you can gradually learn to use thawmadoce purely via keystrokes

The app menu

Showing text

showing some text

Selection bar

The selection bar shows up when you select text. The solution ain’t perfect, but the aim is to have as much a clean sheet as possible when writing text selection bar



Using a plugin

The plugin to post to my site is rather crude, but that is not thawmadoce’s concern, it just provides the plugin capabilities plugin


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