Creating and then using a local OpenWrap repository

When I looked at this blog post here about setting up a NuGet local repository I couldn’t help but write up the necessary steps to get a local repository with OpenWrap:

I’m not sure so let’s ask OpenWrap

PS C:\dotnet\dev\github> o get-help add-remote
        Adds a remote repository.

USAGE add-remote [-Name] <String> [-Href] <Uri>

PARAMETERS -Name <String> Specifies the name used to identify this remote repository. -Href <Uri> Specifies the URI used to access this remote.

  • file://[servername]/path/ for local or UNC paths
  • http://[servername] for OpenWrap repositories
  • nupack://[servername]/path for NuPack repositories

Ah, ok.

o add-remote –name local –href file:///C:/dotnet/openwrap

Now we have a local repository.

You can use it by e.g. adding packages:

o publish-wrap fancyproject –remote local

When I ask my local repository what it contains it gives me...

PS C:\dotnet\dev\github> o list-wrap -remote local
 - MemBus (available:,
 - Twitterizer (available:
 - structuremap (available:
 - caliburnmicro (available:

Unlike the mentioned post, steps of how to create a package isn’t shown here, this may be a subject for another post.

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