Spammers have gone bonkers

03 Mar 2010 in loosely-coupled | site |

Stuff I had to do in the past 24hours to sustain the onslaught of comment spamming:

  • Add the IP-Address of the “commenter” to the Mollom check (Essential!) <li>Ensure that disabling commenting is honoured by all parts of Rf.Site <li>Honour the “unsure” judgement from Mollom and add a feature to put those comments into a moderation queue. <li>Add logging to the application to check what is happening.

Especially from the logging I can tell that Spammers are really trying to get in. This is a small chart showing what was happening tonight:


This is not counting the unsure events (22 of them). Oh, and by the way, none of you vermin came in.


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