WPF + INotifyPropertyChanged Proxy = success!

Remember the Epic fail that was building a simple class and a proxy on top to save on doing the PropertyChanged-mechanics?

It now works in WPF, too, which, I hope you'll agree, is pretty cool.

After some research I found in the Discussion Forum of the Castle team that the issue cropped up beforehand and has already been fixed!

Thing is, the "official" 1.0 Release Candidate 3 download is quite stale and does in no way reflect the stuff you would get from the trunk

I used the version that came along with NHibernate2 Alpha1 - Here the relevant Castle.Core and DynamicProxy2 assemblies are recent enough to incorporate the fix described in the discussion forum - It means that the example you can download in the above post works without issues. Nice!

Some more on the implicit operatorSo, how expensive is it to let NInject make my object?