Cellular life

You wouldn't think that's it's just about DNA, now, would you?

Here is an amazing animation from Harvard University showing some of the processes involved in having a white blood cell move and react to a source of inflammation.


There is a lot of talk that may leave you stumped so here just a few pointers:

  • Cytosol - Internal fluid of the cell
  • Lipids - Check out the link, to be honest I am not quite sure but it seems like lipids play the role of structuring
  • Proteins - so essential I can't really think of any single phrase on those.
  • Ribosomes - aid in building e.g. proteins
  • Endoplasmatic Reticulum performs protein and lipid synthesis and transportation.
  • Golgi Apparatus modifies, sorts, and packages macromolecules created in the cell e.g. for secretion to the outside.
  • Mitochondrion the cell's energy plants
  • Vesicles - Compartments made of lipid layer(s) that allow to transport stuff (like waste etc.) around the cell
  • Centrosome - functions within the internal structure and movement of a cell and seems to be involved in cell division
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