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30 May 2006 in loosely-coupled | site |
![me](/public/assets/flq.jpg "me") ## Badges [![Stack Overflow profile for flq](http://stackoverflow.com/users/flair/51428.png "Stack Overflow profile for flq")](http://stackoverflow.com/users/51428/flq) This site is so far the work of one man, me, Frank or flq. I do not want to loose too many words at this point. If you want to know more about me, the domain [frankquednau.de](http://frankquednau.de) serves only that purpose. You can reach me at ![m](/public/assets/m_eda5bd03-2c0f-4b90-a2ab-ccf3c7a7d214.png "m") ## Acknowledgements: * This site is driven by jekyll and a couple of bash scripts and hosted by [GitHub](http://github.com/)


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